Top Fake Rolex Watches to your Collection

There are no hard and fast rules, but in the case of Rolex, five is actually a good number. Why is that? I'm glad you asked. The brand makes different models for different occasions and to do different things. Some are designed for traveling companions, others for underwater, some for sailing on the surface, a couple to explore, using stopwatches, another for scientists and technicians, many just to see if you're wearing something casual or dressed up.

Basically, rolex replica has spent the last century or so building their portfolio to such an extent that whoever you are and however you spend your time, there is a fake rolex watch to match.

The world's most popular and adored dive watch, it has been setting the standard for everything that's followed for the last six decades.

From about 1959 right up until the beginning of the current generation, the outward styling has barely altered bar the introduction of a date window in the sixties, at which point the Sub range split in two; after that, a date and no-date version has been available.

The latest models of both have been given what's known as Rolex's Supercase, which features broader lugs and crown guards. This led to more wrist presence, even though the replica watches retained the same time-honored 40mm size, but the earliest iteration.

Ultimately, of course, the choice of specific reference is yours, but a Submariner of some kind is practically a mandatory addition to any replica Rolex collection.

And it is those surrounds which account for a big deal of the GMT's fame. Each two-tone color scheme has garnered its own nickname over the years; the black and red became famous as the 'Coke', the brown and gold is the 'Root Beer', more recently, the blue and black has been unofficially christened the 'Batman'. However, it is the blue and red from the debut model which will always be the most popular. Earning the moniker the 'Pepsi' almost instantly, it has held a near constant place in the lineup, while others have come and gone.

So which one is the best reference? Well, if you can find (and afford) the latest product, I'll buy it, too. But the chances of picking one up from an Authorized Dealer these days are slim to none, and preowned examples are currently going for about double the retail.

My own inclination would be the ref. 16710. This was the second generation of the GMT-Master II, which differed from the original GMT-Master in that it allowed for independent control over the two hour hands. This is a special watch from 1989 to 2007, so the market is flooded with them and the price is reasonable.