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Visa Application Requirements:

Each applicant must provide two completed visa application forms accompanied by two passport-size color photographs (one per form).

For each visa application for a child under the age of 18, the Parental Permission (Autorisation Parentale) form (located in the Miscellaneous Forms Section of this website) must be complete by both of the child's parents. No application for a child will be completed without this form.

The completed forms and photographs may be brought directly to the Embassy or may be forwarded by mail. They must be accompanied by the applicant(s) passport(s).

A visa fee of $140.00 per visa must also be enclosed.

The $140.00 fee can be paid with a money order or certified check. Personal checks will not be accepted.

If the applicant seeks to process the application via the mail, a pre-paid, self-addressed return mail envelope must be provided. This might be USPS, FEDEX or UPS.

The duration of a visa is 90 days. If the traveler wishes to extend, his or her stay beyond 90 days, the traveler must contact the Ministry of Interior in Togo before the visa expires.
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